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Jen + Dan // London Calling

When I mentioned that I love photographing documentary style weddings, Jen and Dan were excited to say the least (as was I) as this is exactly what they had in their wedding plans. So who am I to turn down the opportunity of photographing this most fun wedding set in The York & Albany, Regents Park on a rather gorgeous sunny day.

Relaxed was an understatement! Dan swept into the Bridal Suite picking up suits for him and his step son, stopped for a chat, admired the hair, and swept out again. While Jen, professionally put together her bouquet (nothing like a bit of last minute organising!) and seemed totally unphased. As cool as a cucumber, just like the one sitting in her Gin & Tonic! In her low back elegant wedding dress Jen looked absolutely beautiful. Not to be outdone by last minute preparations, I met Dan downstairs blowing up two giant balloons, with minutes to spare.

The Registrar at York & Albany was an absolute dream to work with and with no restrictions, even photographing the actual signing of the register, she made my job so easy. An emotional 'I will' from both parties then proceeded with the firing of confetti bombs (love em). Congratulations ensued by all and finally, a short walk down to the main bar for celebratory drinks, cocktails and cake!! Yep, cake! Talking of cake, no fussy wedding cake here, but a one tiered slick one just the same. It actually matched the bridsmaid's outfit, which was a rather nifty playsuit.

As more guests arrived for the evening, guests spilled outside enjoying sunshine and drinks, before moving into the private room where the most delicious food was served.

Extremely funny.......and I mean extremely funny speeches were read out with a few shocking discoveries....and once the guests had wiped their eyes from laughter and the emotion of it all.......the music began, belting out some classic toooons! That was it......partaaaay! Everyone in full swing, now cocktails AND dancing, what a concoction.

So, for the first tradition here either, Pulp Fiction, and boy did they dance like pros, that was it, everyone was up and enjoying the party atmosphere. I can honestly say, it was hard to leave this wonderful day to the bride, groom and guests but after lots of 'high fives' I was homeward bound on 23:42 to Broxbourne.

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