Hi I'm Melanie but call me Mel!

I''m 50! Shock......Horror! It creeps up on you suddenly, trust me.

I'm a now neglected mum of three adults......so I bought a bonkers puppy called Percy who is now my baby.

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My Story

The fact that I dislike having my photo taken is one of the reasons why I work the way I do. The majority of the day you won't really see me.....I'll be getting those moments you'll miss seeing yourselves. Those LOL moments, the hugs, the cringe moments.....those images will be sat patiently in my camera waiting to be edited for you.

I will, at some point, drag you away from your guests to get some blinding portraits of you.

I'm available throughout the UK and with a slight twist of the arm anywhere that entails a flight and warm weather.


I'd love to hear your story

07540 195069