I live in a lovely little village near Hertford with my 3 fabulously funny children/teens and I own a rather smelly needy chocolate Cockapoo called Lola. I'm also the proud to have a great Mum and Dad who have supported me every step of the way and have definitely earned their retirement at the coast. 

I picked up a Camera on holiday 8 years ago, took some (lots....ok hundreds) of photos and I found that I loved it. My children are not as passionate and although great fans of 'selfies' have the same fear of someone taking their photo that I have. So, after studying photography at college (mature student of the highest order!!), going to workshops and numerous study days I became a fully fledged photographer.

The fact that I dislike having my photo taken is one of the reasons why I enjoy my style of photographing weddings, you'll hardly know I'm there. No cheesy pics, no lopsided smiles, no cringe factor on looking back at your images. Instead I specialise in documentary wedding photography. Where candid and natural moments are preferred over posed or formal images (although will happily take these for you at your request).

As a Documentary Wedding Photographer I am never intrusive and always ready for action. I capture the essence of a wedding as it happens and follow your wedding day and always anticipate that next moment. Being at the right place at the right time is something I thrive on. I make sure your pictures unfold your story looking for something a little more quirky and memorable which make your wedding photographs look great.

I'm available throughout the UK and with a slight twist of the arm anywhere that entails a flight and warm weather!!!

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Tel: 07540 195069

Email: melanie.bayford@btinternet.com



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